DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar


DIY Advent Calendar By Head in t’Clouds

Pack of 25 templates to make your own advent calendar town!

You will receive:
-25 house templates printed on high quality A4 90gsm recycled paper
-page of 25 Christmas activities to put inside your houses! 
-detailed instructions on how to create your houses

You will need: 
-glue stick
-ruler or something with a straight edge
-needle / hole punch / cocktail stick (something to make a hole in the top of the house to put your thread through)
-treats to fill your houses - we have left this out so you can fill with whatever you like!

House approximate sizes / quantities:
There are 3 different house sizes:

Smallest house (x18): 4.5cm depth x 4.5cm width x 8cm height

Middle size house (x4): 5.2cm depth x 5.2cm width x 9.5cm height

Tall house (x3): 3.5cm depth x 3.5cm width x 13.5cm height

Please be aware that this comes as a flat kit to assemble yourself, which is all part of the fun!

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