Copper Candelabra by Copper and Blonde

Copper Candelabra by Copper and Blonde


Copper Candelabra by Copper and Blonde

A stunning centrepiece on any dining table or mantelpiece. A beautiful candleholder that holds 4 candles made from industrial copper pipe and fittings.

The copper candlestick holder provides a great warmth in colour and adds character to any setting.

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The copper has been waxed, it will tarnish with age. If this is not the desired effect an occasional clean with car wax or brasso with a cotton cloth can enliven the shine and bring it back to life. Or if left the copper will eventually oxidise and give off a more rustic, industrial appearance. This very much depends on your environment and the look you are wanting to create.

The copper fittings are secured with copper glue, and are not soldered. The glue is specially designed for such metals and is incredibly strong

Please note the candles are not included.