Faux Fern Copper Frame by Copper and Blonde

Faux Fern Copper Frame by Copper and Blonde


Faux Fern Copper Frame by Copper and Blonde

A beautiful piece of wall art to enhance any home, using copper, brass and faux ferns.

If you love the botanical feel Copper and Blonde offer a range of pieces involving faux plants to bring biophilia into the home environment. It's all about the good feel factor and wellbeing. 

There are more frames with different plants available which can be used to create a stunning piece of art on your bedroom, bathroom, lounge, dining room or hallway wall.

The frame can be secured to the wall using the brass clips provided, so as it stands proud of the wall creating a striking shadow with the right lighting. Or, it can simply be propped on a shelf or piece of furniture to make a striking display. 

Made from copper pipes, glued, not soldered, so no unsightly soldering marks are visible keeping a cleaner more crisper finish.

The copper will darken in time and if the shiny finish is preferred then a little polish using brasso once in a blue moon may be needed. If you prefer the more industrial feel then no need to do anymore!


H 54.5cm x W 18cm x D 4cm

(Dimensions may differ marginally due to piece being handmade)

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