KORONA Earrings by Hannah Weston

KORONA Earrings by Hannah Weston


KORONA Earrings by Hannah Weston


The crown of light surrounding the Sun, stretching millions of kilometres into space is most clearly visible when the moon covers the Sun’s surface during a total solar eclipse. 

Made from recycled sterling silver to celebrate the crown of light surrounding us all, the process used to make each Korona means no two are the same. Everyone is as individual as you are.

A constant visual reminder of your ability to shine.


Each Korona is made from Eco Silver (Recycled sterling silver) and measures just under 20mm diameter

Threading component is made from 0.8m Sterling Silver Wire

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Beth had a quote on her Pinterest account “Shine like the whole universe is yours”, this got me thinking about the corona around the sun. It stretches millions of kilometres into space but we humans only really see it when there is a total solar eclipse that blocks out the light from the Sun. I loved the idea of celebrating just how wonderful human beings are even in challenging times.

I’d made a few of the Korona circles before I even met Beth and knew instantly that that collection could be customised into what I wanted. I especially loved the fact that the process used to make them meant that no two are the same, just like human beings.