Live A Creative Life - We Meet Maker Carrie From Rose & Hen

We've been lucky enough this week to have Carrie from Rose & Hen and her beautiful original lino prints and illustration in the shop for a pop up showcase.

We spoke to Carrie about what inspired her business idea and the name!

When did you start?

I have always been “arty” and at school art and design were my favourite subjects. I studied 3D Design at University, but found that it wasn’t for me. So when I came home I went to work in a shop and then an event management office, which I have enjoyed, but always wanted to be more creative. While on maternity leave with my second child I took up painting again, and decided to hold an art based McMillan Coffee Morning with my Mum. I come from a very creative family as my grandfather was an Artist, and my Mum and Sister are very creative too. We did really well and many people asked me if I’d considered selling my paintings. I thought why not? Suddenly I found myself giving up work and booking a stall on the York River Art Market last year. With the support of my lovely family I’ve never looked back. I current work one day a week plus weekends, as I have one child in school and one at home with me. It’s great to be able to focus fully on my artwork on my working day then spend my other days with the kids ( Evie Rose and Henry - hence the name, Rose & Hen! ). After all, they are still little and that won’t last for long.

What inspires you?

I love nature and flowers, although I’m not great at looking after plants. What better way to fill your house with flowers than to have lovely paintings and prints of them. I take lots of photos when I’m out and about at gardens or on walks. When I get home I make sketches and then transpose these on to lino, silk or sometimes illustrations. I’m always inspired by other Artists on social media as well. I regularly join in the Handmadehour and Justacard hour on Twitter. Everyone’s work is so good, and it spurs me to push myself further to see what I can do.

What’s next for you?

I’ve been teaching myself lino cut as I’ve always been fascinated with printmaking. The whole process is so therapeutic and I enjoy having full control over the process, end to end. It also means that I can ensure that my materials are locally sourced, so I am a frequent visitor at Hawthorn Printmakers in Murton, York. It’s always fun to pop in when I need new inks, as it’s like being in a sweetie shop with all those delicious colours. I’d like to make this my main focus and am starting to expand my range to include hand stitch notebooks. I would also like to explore repeat patterns or even print on fabric to make my own home accessories. The possibilities are endless.

What would you advise someone who is starting out as an artist or designer?

Working from home can be quite lonely sometimes, so make sure you get involved in some groups. I regularly attend a friendly art group at the Chill in the Community Café, have recently joined the York Printmakers and am an active part of the leadership team for the York Etsy group. York has such an amazing and growing creative community with so many groups, classes and creative nights in cafes and bars now that it’s so accessible. By involving myself in the creative community, I have met so many like-minded people who are really supportive. It’s good to get out of the house once in a while.

You can see Carrie's work in the Walter & May shop on Scarcroft Road, York until Saturday 15th September. Pop by to say hello!

You can also find carrie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Beth Elsdon