Fancy a peek inside my house?

This week we had our 15 mins of fame, or at least our house, as we appeared on a new series for the BBC called Best House In Town.

Previously the thought of being on TV filled me with dread, but for some reason, I ran with this. I am super proud of our house and love how it grows with us as a family and it didn’t seem so scary to share something i’m so passionate about.

It wasn’t as scary as I feared but inviting 5 strangers into your house to have a nosy round, without being there to justify our interior decisions was more than a little nerve wracking. But i’m glad we did it, the kids were super excited to see themselves and the house on TV!

So I thought I’d share some of the pieces we have in our home and a little story behind some of the inspiration!

The Living Room

The view over the racecourse from our living room is fantastic in every season and something we probably take for granted too much!

When we decorated this room, I wanted the base colour to be neutral and then for there to be pops a colour throughout the room. I wanted it to be happy and fun room. So we went for a pale grey base colour ( standard! ) and then injected colour through the cushions and artwork.

The hot pink cocktail chair is from a designer we work with at the shop called Sarah L Parry. It’s my absolutely fave place to sit in the house The pink wool cushions are also her design and she uses wool remnants from her upholstery to make then - gorgeous!

The artwork is my own. We needed a bold piece for the wall and one that would bring all the colours in the room together, et voila! Commissions welcomed :-)

Prints & Artwork

Throughout the house, we have prints an artwork that mean something to us. A phrase that we use often or a piece of my own art.

Polly’s room has a picture wall where she picked the pieces to suit her own free spirit and helped put them up too - eeek! My favourite Roald Dahl Quote is available on the website from Little Bear Prints and you can shop some of the other prints here

The gorgeous wire names for the children’s rooms were from new business Flat Chance and are just fabulous!

The Hallway & Bathroom

One of my favourite pieces is the bright yellow chair in the hallway, painted in Annie Sloan English Yellow which now stock in the shop. It’s sure a gorgeous bright colour and perfect pop against the shadow chic walls! The coat hook was made using an old chopping board I had which I loved the shape of, and some cast iron hooks bought from ebay - total price about £6 !

The hanging wall in the hallway is also one of my faves things in the house. The copper arrow, just out of shot here above points to the kitchen where we spend most of our time. And the macrame is from the fabulous Happy Girl Cards and is available in the shop.

We re painted the bathroom recently in this deep forest green. I wasn’t sure what it was going to turn out like because I picked up an end of line colour without even testing it but I love it! It’s works perfectly with the up-cycled bath tray, perfect for all the relaxing baths I plan to have at some point! And the copper wall hanging is the newest addition and fits so well with the decor.

More Artwork and my beloved singer!

The print of Jack & Polly in the kitchen is my favourite picture of the two of them together so it seemed fitting we had something a little bit different so we got a commissioned contemporary portrait from Scribble Print Studio - the kids love it and it always get lots of comments from visitors! Now available online.

And I could not write this blog without mentioning my gorgeous Singer Sewing Machine which inherited from my lovely Nana Mags. I had pestered her so much about giving me the sewing machine when she died ( before I knew that was probably not the most tactful thing to say! ) that she gave in and gave it to me when Dave and I moved into the house. It has been on pretty much every room a=on the hunt for the perfect spot, but we’ve found it, and it’s stunning.

So there is just another little peek into the house and some of the pieces I have from some very fabulous designers. And if you’re interested, i’ll keep sharing home decor inspiration in the form of Annie Sloan up cycles and the pieces from the shop that my will power gives in to !

Much Love

Beth x

Beth Elsdon