Notes from a Candle-oholic!

How To Get The Most From Your Luxury Candle

 Marc, our resident self confessed candle -oholic shares his top tips for getting the most our of your

At Walter & May we pride ourselves on bringing you some of the UKs best independent suppliers of fragrance and gorgeous scents. All the candles we stock bring your home unparalleled fragrance and comfort, primarily as we only stock candles with a high ratio of essential oil to wax. Don’t you hate it when you buy a fragrance candle, only to find it stops smelling of anything after two or three burns? Not with our candles – they will fill your room with glorious fragrance burn after burn. Our candles come in many sizes, so with burn times ranging from 20-60 hours there is something for everyone.

A very popular scent amongst customers at the moment, is the Beach House Botanics ‘Bergamot, Lemongrass & Lime’ – it has an absolutely stunning aroma of zesty freshness to put a gorgeous zing into your day. Hand poured in Devon, their mix of soy wax and pure essential oil not only makes them a vegan friendly product but their truly addictive scents will elevate your home into a beautiful spa-like moment, with every burn.

We understand that buying a luxury candle is a considered purchase, but good news, there are a few things you can do to prolong the life of your candle and get the most for your money.

Many people buy large candles and light then for less than an hour each time. It’s a good idea to light a candle in the size that’s good for how long you intend for it to be lit. If you’re buying a larger candle, when you light it, make sure it can stay lit for a good couple of hours to allow the wax to melt and pool right across from edge to edge, to allow it to release its maximum fragrance into your room. If you light your high end candle and extinguish it after a short amount of time, it can begin tunneling, which not only wastes that precious fragranced wax around the edges but also means your candle won’t last as long.

If you only want to light it for a little while each time, you might be best with a smaller or medium sized candle, as it will take less time to pool and fully melt across your candle. If your candle isn’t pooling as quickly as you feel it should - try it in another spot In the room, perhaps the area where it’s sat is too cold or drafty.

Another popular candle of ours is our range from The Candle Brand in Norfolk with scents such as ‘Eucalyptus with Lemon’ and ‘Lychee with Peony’ their scent is so real to life, it almost makes your mouth salivate like your about to eat a sumptuous dessert. What makes these candle particularly special is they have wooden wicks, to give you an extra sensory experience with their beautiful crackling sound, bringing to mind imagery and feelings of being cosy by a beautiful log fire.

One thing they mention is to make sure your keep the wick trimmed between each burn, which is actually the same for our other candles with cotton wicks - if you notice you have a long wick before you go to light it, give it a trim. Not only will this help give you a more even burn, but will also help reduce the amount of soot that will come off the flame.

Many of our customers buy our luxury candles for their aromatherapeutic qualities too. If this is an area you’re looking at bringing into your life, then you would do well to try our range from Chapter Organics - they offer fragrances designed specifically as a remedy, a tonic and to bring peace and calm. All candles are hand poured right here in Yorkshire, 100% natural, small batch blends. Also vegan friendly, their essential oils are perfectly wrapped up in environmentally friendly packaging.

Extinguishing the candle correctly is very important for your high end candles too. After all that glorious fragrance has been enriching your room, the last thing you want is the smell of burning smoke trails wafting through like an old barbeque. We recommend getting hold of a little snuffer to gently put out the flame, or if you keep your candle in a bell jar, like we do here at the shop, you can simply cover up the candle with the bell jar and the lack of oxygen will put the flame out and trap the nasty smoke smells inside it, leaving your room smelling devine from the exquisite fragrance that has just been adorning your space.


So don’t forget, let your candle pool across to release all its glorious fragrance, trim your wicks and extinguish carefully. If you don’t believe how incredible our carefully sourced and curated collection of candles are, come and smell them for yourself! Of course, it goes without saying that whichever candle you buy, never leave it lit out of sight to prevent fire or serious injury. Always keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid draughts or vibrations where your candle could topple and never burn your candle on a delicate or non-heat resistant surface, away from anything that can catch fire.

Oh and view our range of candles here!

Article by Marc Godfrey-Murphy (@MarcoLooks)

Marc is a local, York based artist (and self confessed candle-oholic). His work can be found in Walter & May.